If you’re doing all you can to reduce your impact, the world doesn’t need more from you, its needs more people like you. Start by telling your loved ones why we must act now.

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Over 4 billion people believe climate change requires immediate action. Are you with us?

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Global Mindpool

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36% of the world’s population still believe climate change isn’t an emergency.

There are a growing number of people just like you who are doing the right thing; using renewable energy, planting trees, taking public transport. To keep that number growing, there’s one thing you can always do: be a megaphone for the facts.

Start a conversation with your school friends, work mates or your grumpy uncle, and tell them why science proves we need to act now. Believe it or not, many people like them are still unaware of just how bad things have already become – and will continue to get – if we don’t take serious action today.

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