You may not be old enough to have a vote, but you do have a voice. And because your generation will be affected more than any other, that voice is more important than most.

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Over 4 billion people believe climate change requires immediate action. Are you with us?

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The Birds & The Bees

The Birds & The Bees

A children’s book with a message for adults. Follow the story of how we can protect their future.

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69% of young people agree we are in a climate emergency, more than any other generation.

Sometimes climate change science isn’t enough to get through to people. That’s exactly why you must use your voice to remind the adults who love you why you’re worried. Tell them the facts about climate change whenever you get the chance – whether it’s over family dinner, or when you’re walking the dog – you’ll find all the facts you need on this very website.

And don’t forget: even if your family don’t seem to care about the planet’s future, they do care about yours.

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