The excuses

01“I’m already doing as much as I can.”Show more
02“We’ll lose too many jobs if we phase out fossil fuels.”Show more
03“I’m just one person,
I can’t make a difference.”
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04“We need fossil fuels for our economy.”Show more
05“I won’t see the effects of climate change in my lifetime.”Show more
06“Where I live won’t really be affected.”Show more
07“I’m just a kid, no one will listen to me.”Show more
08“I don’t want to give up holidays or my car.”Show more
09“Fossil fuel companies are too powerful for us to change.”Show more
10“Soon we’ll have the technology to just reverse climate change.”Show more
11“Climate change is too complicated for me to understand.”Show more
12“I’ve heard renewables aren’t reliable or affordable.”Show more
13“It’s too late for us to change.”Show more
14“We’re already doing enough to stop global warming.”Show more
15“It still gets cold so clearly our planet isn’t warming.”Show more
16“Climate change is a natural thing.”Show more
17“Climate change is a conspiracy. It’s fake news.”Show more
18“The world will adapt to climate change.”Show more
19“I’m too busy to do anything about climate change.”Show more